A Happy New Year of Blogging

It seems a long time already but 2015 burst into our lives only a few days ago. As this is my first post of the new year I’ll take a moment to wish you all a happy year’s blogging. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started my blog but I’ve been hugely surprised by the many unexpected interactions I’ve had with fellow bloggers and tweeters. It’s been a rewarding and at time surprising experience and I thank those of you that have taken the time to view my stuff or interact in some way.

It’s been a more varied start to my blog than I originally though. Surprisingly for me the posts that have generated most interest have been my movie reviews or comments. I find this amazing since I tend to be 6-8 months behind the film schedule but many thanks for the comments and support. Although I have no intention of making this my main blogging pastime look out for more movie musing soon, first up X-Men Days of Future Past which I caught over Christmas.

I’m pleased I put together a varied selection of tech articles but I’ve been disappointed by my ability to really expound on the variety of tech information, both news and experience, that I come across in my day to day job. With this in mind a first priority this year is to see if I can create a section on my blog for shorter articles, a more “hints and tips” if you will. I come across many things on a day to day basis which I’m sure my interest those involved with technology and IT so I hope to come up with a format for sharing such information as will not fit in a Tweet. Those of you of an IT/technology/movie/biking persuasion can pick up a flavour of my life and interests through my Twitter account https://twitter.com/m70mph

So to work! I shall strive to keep the blog bus rolling and those of you I have already encountered I hope to visit you again as I go round picking up passengers.

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